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Author: Stef Ringoot

  • Pieter Ringoot – charcoal

    Pieter Ringoot – charcoal Charcoal was a favorite medium for Pieter Ringoot. Often used as a research tool because it allowed him to investigate the light in his work very well.

  • Pieter Ringoot – watercolor paintings

    Pieter Ringoot – watercolor and watercolour A watercolor is an image created with watercolor. The term also refers to the genre or technique as a working method. With this technique, water-soluble paint is painted on specially suitable paper. Pieter Ringoot made frequent use of this technique. Many of the drawings and designs are intended as…

  • Pieter Ringoot – landscape, cities and villages

    Pieter Ringoot; landscapes, cities and villages. Various East and West Flemish landscapes inspired Pieter Ringoot to make a number of oil paintings. However, he did not start any work without an extensive study in the form of sketches with various materials. A number of holidays at home and abroad also moved him to make different…

  • The greeting card shop

    These greetingcards are produced trough mij Zazzle webshop. Visit the shop for other inspiring designs Bosbrand – kaart door StefRingoot The fox and the wolf. door StefRingoot Twee jockeys tijdens een race door StefRingoot

  • The Spreadshop of GalerieRingoot

  • Pieter Ringoot – People

    The people in the art of Pieter Ringoot Pieter Ringoot’s paintings are often populated by family and friends. In a number of academic works, a model was used which was available in the school. One of these works on your wall?Several of the above works are available in print. Take a look at the Art…

  • Pieter Ringoot – Still life paintings

    Pieter Ringoot – Stilleven op doek. A still life is an artistic composition of motionless or inanimate objects that have been carefully lit. Painting a still life allows a painter to concentrate on the composition and on the use of color and tonal value, the smooth distinction in color nuances between the lightest and darkest…

  • Hans Sturris – Sport illustrations

    Hans Sturris – Sport illustrations On this page you will find images from a series of sports illustrations illustrated by Hans Sturris around 1995. Some illustrations were for sale as posters at V&D stores, among others.

  • Hans Sturris – watercolor paintings

    Hans Sturris, watercolor paintings A watercolor is a painting made with watercolor. The terms watercolor or aquarel also refer to the technique as a working method. Hans Sturris made various watercolor paintings of typical beach scenes as you find them along the beaches of North Holland, Texel and Zeeland. Hans lived along this coast for…

  • Forrest and dunes paintings

    Forrest and Dunes Paintings Many of the forest and dune views on this page were painted by Pieter Ringoot during holidays in De Panne and Oostduinkerke on the Belgian coast. Pieter usually made a lot of sketches and preliminary studies with pencil, charcoal or watercolor on the spot. The subject and the incidence of light…